The Great Outdoors
A Flow of Living™ Case Study

Outdoor living areas are in huge demand, and have generated an entire industry determined to find ways to make every creature comfort durable enough to survive the elements. At Galiant we don’t just throw these elements together haphazardly, we research what role outdoor living plays in your lifestyle and then design outdoor living spaces to fit. For example, many of our client’s use their outdoor living spaces as an extension of their entertaining areas. Imagine your next party. Your home has been designed to accommodate large events with an open kitchen. living and dining area. To that you added large receding patio doors that literally remove the back wall from the kitchen so that the patio becomes a logical extension. Your guests barely realize they have wandered outdoors. Your huge outdoor kitchen, complete with full stove, grill and smoker are going at full steam and the large countertops are the logical space for the buffet style Bar-B-Que dinner you are serving. Multiple seating areas, fire pits and outdoor TVs keep your guests entertained, and provide numerous gathering areas to handle the large crowd. A fully stocked outdoor bar, complete with beer taps and wine fridge, keeps the libations flowing. Your whole-yard audio system keeps the music constant without overpowering the conversations, and the strategically placed pest control system keeps unwanted guests away.