Telecommuting Gladiator
A Flow of Living™ Case Study

Many of our clients find that they spend more and more time working from home. Creating the ideal work environment in your home may mean designing much more than your office, and requires careful analysis of how you need too work, and how you want to telecommute. Imagine an office fully equipped with all the tools, work surfaces and technology you need to accomplish almost anything you do at work, at home. Your day begins with a cup of joe from your office coffee bar, then on to a video conference with the East Coast team using your built-in 4K video conferencing system and commercial grade speaker phone. Once the calls are done for the day, time to answer some emails on the back terrace while enjoying Sports Center on your outdoor big-screen and grilling lunch. The afternoon is spent in your office listening to ambient jazz music while completing next year’s budget projections. Then you relax in the game room with a cold beer while you review the next day’s projects on one big screen and catch up on the news of the day on the others…