My Owner’s Retreat
A Flow of Living™ Case Study

The owner’s retreat, or master suite, is one of the most personal statements you will make in your home. For many of our clients, the owner’s retreat is a critical part to a successful day. The day begins with a the room lights gently rising over a 15 minute period thanks to the automated home lighting system, and the smell of fresh brewed coffee emanating from the full coffee bar in the breezeway from the bedroom to the bathroom. After enjoying the morning cup in the master sitting area while watching the day’s financial news in front of the private fireplace, the owner moves into the private exercise room for a quick workout. Then on to the spacious bathroom for a luxurious shower. This is no ordinary shower, it is a walk through space with a rain system, and multiple shower jets to massage muscles and invorgorate the entire body. Once the morning ablutions are complete it is time to select the perfect attire in a spacious closet and dressing room. Now, you are ready to face whatever the day has to offer…