For the Kids
A Flow of Living™ Case Study

Some of the best builders are kids! Remember your treehouse? Your backyard fort? The tent city you built throughout the whole house? We certainly do, because we never outgrew that desire to build! Many of our clients come to us wanting to do something special for the kids. Imagine a secret hideaway (and who among us hasn’t dreamed of this for ourselves?), no adults allowed! Hidden behind a sliding bookcase is a room designed to let imagination run wild…an indoor tire swing, a built-in treehouse, and custom murals that make even a dull grey day outdoors rich with adventure inside.

Of course, not every family needs a secret hideaway, but even the mundane rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms can be designed and decorated to match the personality and the needs of your kids. Jack and Jill bathrooms, with individual storage so that Jack’s cooties don’t get all over Jill’s makeup. Built in desks with fold away computer screens, curio cabinets and wrap around shelves for holding childhood collections. Maybe a hidden safe, to protect important treasures?