Interior Design

Saving our clients valuable time, stress & money with an Interior Designer

What sets Galiant Homes apart from the competition? 

A Certified Interior Designer with every new home…

Galiant Homes, a custom home builder in Denver and Colorado Springs employs full-time and certified interior designers that work with each client from the concept stage and throughout the building stage. Our interior designers will craft the spaces in your new home that appeal to your needs and your emotions.  The interior design service from Galiant Homes saves our clients thousands of dollars, stress and valuable time.

Saving Time with an Interior Designer

Throughout the custom home building process home buyers are required to make many selections. This process can be overwhelming and a process that many home buyers did not anticipate when deciding to build a custom home.  Our interior designer will save our clients valuable time by presenting items and materials for your new home that are within your budget, style, and

Saving Money with an Interior Designer

Interior designers in Denver and Colorado Springs can run you $4,000-$20,000 when you are designing and building a custom home. With Galiant Interiors our clients receive a full-time interior designer that is assigned to their project.  Your designer will stay with you throughout the concept and building stage of your new home and will have a full understanding of your budget and style. This service is free to Galiant Homes’ clients

Saving Stress with an Interior Designer

Many first time custom home buyers do not anticipate the vast amount of selections required to build your new home. From lighting, landscaping, roofing, hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, door handles etc. all of which take a considerable time investment.  Other builders in Denver and Colorado Springs send their clients from vendor to vendor to make their selections. This process creates a lot of stress for their clients and sets them up for failure…A Galiant Interiors designer will meet our clients at our design center in Colorado Springs and Denver and will present options that are consistent with their budget and style of their custom home.