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At Galiant Homes we strive build new homes that accommodate the way our clients want to live. And with an inventory of home so low in Colorado Springs many buyers are turning to custom building.  Many clients are surprised when they learn they can get a custom home, built the way they want it, for less than they had realized.


New custom homes starting at $452,000

With any new home in Colorado Springs (or anywhere for that matter) the cost can vary drastically based upon things such as location, home size, land, excavating, interior finishes and exterior finishes, etc. (Click Here to learn more about buying land for a new home), but, Galiant Homes has streamlined the custom home building process to appeal to the buyer that is new to the custom home market. Galiant provides each client with an exterior and interior designer even before the design process begins. Our clients have access to our design center  and designers on a weekly basis for consultation.

Custom Home in Colorado Springs for $452,000

We recently quoted a custom home that was $452,000 near the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs; the lot was included in this price.  This home had, what we call, custom level finishes & custom design.  The home had 1,950 square feet on the main level with a master bedroom, 2 other bedrooms, a study, kitchen, great room, laundry room, dining room and outdoor living.

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The Newest techniques in energy efficiency and technology

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We always utilize the newest home building techniques in home energy efficiency and technology to build a home that is cost efficient, comfortable and improves your ease of living. From instant hot water heating systems to energy efficient lighting to state-of-the-art smart appliances and whole home audio systems, Galiant Homes find ways to make today’s technologies an integral, non-invasive part of your home. We recognize that technology should improve your life, not complicate it.  Check out our News & Tips section for more information on the technologies and techniques we employ.


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