Custom Home Design

Custom Home Design

Changing Of The Guard
Out with the old (builders) and in with the new (builder)…

You may have dreamed of designing and building a custom home for years and now that dream has become a reality… what now?  As a custom home builder Galiant Homes has invested heavily in a home design team because no one should have the; “I should have thought of that” or “I wish we would have asked for this” feeling when their home is complete.

Many builders in Colorado have been successful building custom homes but do all their homes look relatively the same? Are their homes really custom? Do they pursued their clients to go a certain direction because that’s what the builder is comfortable with? If you want the “same old home” then maybe that builder that’s been around for 40 years is right for you… But, if you want a builder that will listen to you, cutting edge designs, technology, processes and a fun experience then go with a design team that has your inspirations (and budget) at top of mind! After all, this is your dream home, don’t let an old-school builder ruin this once in a lifetime opportunity for you…

Things that set us apart from the old-schoolers…:

  • Land – if you already own a lot that’s great – we build wherever our clients take us!  If not, the Galiant Homes’ design process includes lot search, due diligence (i.e. soils studies, surveys, HOA pre-approvals, etc) and acquisition. It is important to have your builder be a part of the lot search because there are many factors that can increase development cost.  Similar lots that cost $100k compared to one that is $150k may seem like a good deal but the development costs could be drastically different and be more expensive in the long run.  So get Galiant Homes involved in your lot search, it will pay off in the end.
  • Design Team – Galiant Homes’ custom design team consist of Architects, Builder, Designers, Construction Manager & Pre-Construction Managers. A total of 6 team members with various expertise are looking out for your budget and making sure you are getting the exact style of  home you’ve envisioned for years.  Galiant Homes does not build one style, we build any style from modern to traditional to Mediterranean.  There is not another builder in Colorado that has invested in a design team like this and keeps up on latest trends, technology and processes.
  • Preliminary Selections – During the home design process our clients work concurrently with our in-house designers to select things like plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, flooring, etc (any of this can change during the build process). This selection process helps us create a spec list for our clients so they know exactly what is going in their home and what it will cost to build the home.
  • No Gotchas! – When our clients enter into a build contact with us they will know the exact price of the home… Our turn-key solutions assure our clients that there will not be a gotcha during the process.  The build price will never changes unless the client makes changes that create a cost impact.

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