New Home Building Process


We focus on creating lifestyles, not just custom homes.

At Galiant Homes we strive to design and build homes that accommodate the way our clients want to live. We call it Flow of Living™ design. We pride ourselves on crafting truly custom homes, designed around your specific lifestyle and personal tastes. And that requires getting to know you, and developing an understanding of how you want your home to not only reflect your life, but enhance it.

We start by asking questions

Questions about your overall lifestyle and how you will use your home. Where do you spend the most time? How do you entertain, and how often? What do your kids/friends/family enjoy for recreation? We will also consider your design ideas and needs. What is your dream design style? (Mountain Modern? Tuscan Traditional?) Do you prefer separate formal and casual spaces, or multi-use areas? What is your comfort level with small-detail decisions?

Next, we listen very carefully

We not only listen carefully to your answers, but we explore how and why you chose your answers to dive deeper into certain topics. We’ve learned that having an in-depth conversation on key topics not only allows us to learn more about your needs, it helps you better articulate your desires and helps us both build a stronger relationship. We become aware of what is most important to you and not only create the perfect home design, we learn how to best communicate with you.

We create an initial concept & budget

The natural result of our investment in building a relationship with our clients at the very beginning of the process is that we are able to put together an initial concept layout and a detailed cost breakdown that is generally right on the money. But, again we listen, we watch your reaction and we make sure that you are fully satisfied with the design of your new home and the budget. Then when you are as invested as we are, we start building.

We’ll also work with your architect

Whether you use our design services, or bring your own architect, Galiant Homes helps to ensure the design is perfect for each customer before we begin to build. We review the design with you and the architect to answer questions regarding the construction of the plans, as well as identify any information still needed. This ensures smooth construction process with reduced delays, resulting in a more efficient use of resources. Then we provide a guaranteed, updated cost breakdown and construction schedule for the home.


We seamlessly integrate client, builder, designer and trade partners to create an enjoyable experience for our homeowners.

Building your custom home will be a truly rewarding experience when you choose Galiant Homes. Our business culture allows for a flexible, ongoing communication process to accommodate the expected changes during design and construction. Maintaining a customer-centric, open-minded approach, along with strict attention to detail, allows us to deliver your vision into reality every time.

A relationship built on trust

The relationship between client and builder must be based on trust. From initial design meetings, to viewing and purchasing the perfect lot, and through the many details required to complete construction, we create an open partnership with our valued clients. We pride ourselves on crafting truly custom homes, designed around your specific lifestyle and personal tastes.

A customized building process

We ensure that home design and building is a pleasant, creative, and truly rewarding experience for every homeowner. We do this by customizing the process to best fit individual needs and communication styles. We have developed and implemented procedures to improve design development, streamline work flow, and enhance communication and information exchange with each of our customers.

Clearly defined expectations

We provide a guaranteed, updated cost breakdown and construction schedule for the home. We then outline the steps that you will see during the entire construction sequence. Outlining these steps provides structure to the whole process and enhances communication, which we know is critical for our clients, and ensures a pleasant home building experience every time.

Exceptional trade partner relations

We’ve spent years finding the most talented trade partners and developing relationships with them. Our partners share our values and our commitment to quality. They also understand the importance we place on ensuring that the home building experience is a great one for our clients. Having everyone who works on your home on the same page is a large part of our success in delivering a perfect home and a positive home building experience.


We create an environment designed to maximize your enjoyment.

There are so many new technologies designed to improve our lives. Why is it that they often just add more headaches? At Galiant we believe in efficient enjoyment… the art of implementing technologies and techniques that enhance the enjoyment of your home. We work with you understand how you live, and then research technologies that not only fit into your lifestyle but actually make your home environment better for you.

Modern Energy Efficiency

There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Some are more effective than others such as high rated insulation, and depending on how you live in your new home. Knowing which ones are most likely to improve your environment requires a custom home builder who is both knowledgeable about the latest advances and who intimately understands your needs. We believe energy efficiency strategies should be as unique as each new custom home and family.

State-of-the-art Technology

Some people want it all, and some want nothing to do with it. We believe technology best serves our clients when it is non-invasive, simple to use, and enhances your environment. Whether it’s home audio, lighting, appliances, security or air purification, we identify the things that are important to you, and then build them into your home in the manner that best fits your life and style.

Helpful home automation

The new home automation industry is complex, confusing, and beset with numerous “standards” that are anything but standard. At Galiant Homes we help you navigate this brave new world of custom home technology, and deliver as much or as little new home automation as you want. We ensure that your system will be reliable, scalable, accessible, easy to use, and will actually improve your life and environment.

Peace of mind guarantee

Galiant Homes is just as committed to your satisfaction once you take possession of your home as we are during the design and construction process. We have our own rigid standards for the quality construction of our homes and these meet or exceed standard warranty practices.