Building A Home On Your Own Land

Building A Home On Your Own land
Many home builders will build a home on your land, but can they?

build a home on your landBuilding a custom home is like nothing else, it is exciting and fun but can also be anxiety-ridden especially if you choose the wrong home builder. There are many things to consider when buying land for a new home such as utility taps, soils, location, etc and Galiant Homes always recommends finding a builder prior to purchasing land – this could potentially save you thousands of $$$ in development cost.. but I digress, let’s assume you already have a piece of land and now you are shopping for a custom home builder to erect your dream structure (i.e. your new home).  Most builders and sales people in the custom home industry will say yes to any plot of land to get the business.  Unfortunately, many builders may now know what they’re getting into when accepting a new project when their client already has their own land.  The reasons that choosing the right builder when you have your own lot is because they may not budget and for issues they had not anticipated.

Issues such as:

  • Topography
  • Soils consistency
  • Utility taps and types
  • Covenant restrictions
  • Storm-water engineering
  • Setbacks and easements

An uninformed home builder could take the excitement after you have purchased your land and turn your project into a nightmare that is littered with change orders.  In all fairness, unforeseen issues can (and probably will) arise throughout any new home construction project but a good home builder can foresee most issues and plan (and budget) accordingly.  The old adage “cheaper is not always the best” really applies with building a new custom home on your land.  The last thing you want is to turn, what should be a fun and exciting time, into a long and stressful process.

“Over the past several years we have had more than a handful of clients indicate to us that they regret going with another builder when we follow up on their progress.  They had all gone with the cheaper home builder after purchasing their own land and regretted it.” -Steve Miller, President of Galiant Homes and West Point Graduate

Galiant Homes’ team has nearly 100 years of combined experience from large luxury custom homes to large multi-family commercial homes and together, we do not make costly mistakes – mistakes that cost our clients and our company unnecessary expenses.  If you have already purchased land and want the confidence of a qualified home builder in Denver or Colorado Springs, contact us today.